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Drop Hammer Form



With Drop Hammer bed sizes ranging from 24" W x 30" L to 48" W x 96" L we can manufacture almost any size and type of aluminum and steel drop hammer formed part.

Various aluminum closeout corner caps used on U-Haul truck and trailer bodies.

Thin gauge deep draw aluminum aileron fairing skin details for the Boeing MD80 and 717 commercial airliners.

An aluminum structural hat section and its mating deflector skin for a thrust reverser used on a European commercial jet engine.

Welded nose deep draw aluminum drop hammer formed thrust reverser fairing details for a Pratt & Whitney commercial jet engine.

Heavy gauge aluminum transmission cover for the Boeing AWACS air reconnaissance aircraft.

This forming process involves deep draw forming or stamping using a pneumatic drop hammer, commonly known as a Chambersburg Drop Hammer, with a matched male and female drop hammer die set (DHD), to form complex aluminum and steel sheet metal part contours and shapes.  Used primarily to form strong, but light weight, aircraft parts with elaborate shapes to precise aerospace tolerances and also used to form the closeout corners on truck and trailer body applications.

Drop hammer formed parts are also many times chem milled to reduce weight and/or allow clearance for mating parts.


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Last modified: August 12, 2004